Tenant Check

Tenant Check provides you with report to provide to your landlord/property manager showing your rental history.

A report may include the following:
• A tenant’s identity and background check
• Any breaches for your rental history (Blacklist).*
• Bankruptcy and Court Records
• ASIC Company Records Past or Present

*All checks are done using Government records and Rental history through Equifax - National Tenancy Database (NTD) including the Australian Government's Document Verification Service (DVS) by verifying your ID. Giving Peace of Mind to Landlords/Property Managers.

Are you shown as a good tenant?

Enter your name as it appears on your ID to get started

$30.00 inc. GST

Your TenantCheck Covers?


Tenant database history

Check if your Rental History is listed on your National Tenancy Database file.


Identity verification

Your identity can be verified by a Property Manager/Landlord using Equifax’s identity verification process.


Court information

Have you ever had any legal matters and court judgments? Your report will show any listed court matters against you.

Get your TenantCheck in 3 simple Steps

Step 1

Click 'Check your name' and enter your details.


Step 2

Order your TenantCheck. $30.00 inc. GST


Step 3

Receive your TenantCheck report via email in just a few minutes.


What should I do once I have my TenantCheck?

There are three possible courses of action depending on what your TenantCheck says about you.


Positive Identity Check:

Add your TenantCheck report to your application.


Negative Identity Check:

Allows you to explain to the Landlord/Property Manager reasons why you have a negative record.


Identity cannot be verified:

Ensure you have completed all information correctly, otherwise email us.

*Please note that a TenantCheck report will not include any information from other databases used by Property Managers which includes TICA, TRA and the Property Managers own internal records.
Report also does not show Criminal Searches , however will show Court Judgements/Court Writes, Public Records (PRS).